Training Design Program



A well executed training program doesn’t happen by mistake. This series of 5 e-learning modules takes you through the design and development process. If you’re a subject matter expert moving in to training this program will save you time and make your courses more effective. The law enforcement version is now available! 


Customer Review

“I believe that the Odin Training Solutions Inc. “Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program” provides an excellent foundation in adult education for new instructors, while also serving as a great refresher for those with more experience. Personally, I have taken a great deal from this course and plan to refer back to my notes whenever I am creating new content or reviewing our existing program.”  Chris Hutchinson

Interview with Brian Willis of Winning Mind Training


Police One Interview on Blended Learning

Coming Soon

Metaversis Logo sphere vectorstock_782706 clipped transA new way to add role playing scenarios to your training without finding space, hiring actors, and getting everyone together at the same time. Metaversis is a private online virtual city created specifically for law enforcement training.

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Why Us

We will assess your needs, advise on options for delivering training, and develop an evidence-based training program. We are available to assess existing courses or develop a new program. We bring over a decade of experience in organizational learning, and six years with law enforcement training, and an educational background in adult education. 

Training Solutions

Technology has opened the doors to new and improved training methods. Online courses are no longer textbooks or slides loaded on to a page. We now have the ability to engage participants with videos, exercises, and assessments. Classroom training is also evolving with tablets and smartphones. We can recommend the methods to enhance your training and make it more effective. 


 Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard drawing videos are proven to increase retention. We can create a custom video for your business or training program.